About ACP

About Us
Committed, Innovative, and Resourceful
A network of institutions and other education-related organizations dedicated to student success

Organizational Structure

Who We Are
The Association of Collaborative Partnerships (ACP) is dedicated to advancing student success by building collaborative partnerships among institutions and other related organizations to develop collaborative solutions to the challenges faced by administrators and practitioners. Budget-cuts, retention of talented faculty and staff, and other concerns are shaking the very foundation that students are standing on.

Talent and Leadership Development

ACP helps our members achieve their full potential through professional talent development for administrators and practitioners at all stages and at all levels.

Research and Analysis

ACP provides research and analysis on issues relevant to our members.  Through data analysis, leaders can make informed decisions regarding the collective focus of the association.

Strategic Partnerships and Member Solutions

ACPis your partner. We support corporate transformation to cultivate supportive and inclusive work cultures that help attract and retain top talent.

Funding Our Opportunities

To meet the the strategic needs of the Association, as determined by the Board of Directors, the ACP develops and manages its own funding through private foundation and government grants, donations, endowed gifts, sponsorships and membership dues.  
All funding is invested according to the investment policy designated by the Board of Directors and spent in accordance with the intended purpose for which the funding was granted.