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Library &

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Library & Learning Technology

The use of technology infuses classrooms with digital learning tools, expanding course offerings, experiences, and learning materials, increasing student engagement and accelerating learning.  University libraries have embraced these changes and found ways to enhance the availability of information resources for faculty and students and library spaces have been updated to include a variety of specialized technologies.  We provide members with opportunities for:

       •   Library instruction
       •   Open and alternative educational resources
       •   IT/Library collaboration
       •   Blended learning designs


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As the list of laws and regulations grows, so does the need  to help administrators better define responsibilities and manage their compliance obligations.  We provide members with opportunities for:

       •   Defining regulatory requirements
       •   Access to compliance aids
       •   Professional training
       •   Model policies

Student Success     
in STEM           



Student Success in STEM

Half of college students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math end up dropping those courses and switching to another major, however the work force is in dire need of STEM professionals.  We support our members by providing:

       •   Data sources and analytical tools
       •   Platforms for interaction between faculty members and institutional leaders
       •   Professional development for faculty teaching STEM
       •   Undergraduate research opportunities





Increased reliance on technology has opened the door for cyber crime and institutions are under pressure to develop or expand courses that will graduate job ready students to fill much needed jobs in cyber defense.  We provide members with opportunities for:

       •   Addressing gaps in training and labor suppy
       •   Developing partnerships with industry employers
       •   Research