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Analyze, Track, and Examine
Harness the power of data to make informative decisions

In the rapidly changing landscape of higher education, it is more important than ever for institutions to use data strategically to improve campus services and craft informed polices. Traditionally, the "clients" of Institutional Research have been limited to college presidents, chief academic officers, and other top university administration officials. The ACP believes that deeper analysis and communication with non-traditional "clients" (e.g. student affairs, libraries, instructional designers) can give rise to new insights to help institutions meet their goals and fulfill their missions.

The ACP provides members with tools, services, and guidance to harness the power of their data, and fosters partnerships between departments and institutions.

ACP Data Center

The ACP Data Center serves as both a repository for institutional data and a powerful analysis tool for researchers. Members can navigate our interactive data dashboards to create their own reports and visualizations, and gain deeper insights about their own institutions and their peers.

  • Get involved! Harness the power of your data and engage people on your campus.
  • Empower campus leaders to make data-driven decisions and plan strategically.
  • Forge and strengthen connections with researchers' most valuable resource--each other